luxury rehab -- is it worth i

Luxury Rehab – Are they worth it?

Luxury Rehab – Are Insurance Companies Giving Discounts?

In today’s article we will be discussing the pros and cons of luxury rehabs versus traditional inpatient rehab programs. Although there are many similarities between the two types of treatment there are also some differences as well. There are many types of rehabilitation centers.

Both are designed to treat the underlying causes of drug and alcohol abuse while assisting patients in the management of the condition. The key differences between the two types of treatment centers include: the inpatient program is designed for those patients that need inpatient care while the luxury rehab is designed for those that may own a business and needs to be connected to the world. Not having a restricted type of living going to a rehabilitation center is called SMART Recovery.

This article will discuss the specific differences between the two types of treatment.

Pros The most obvious proof luxury rehab centers over traditional in patient treatment is the incredible cliffside experience. The patients who come to these facilities have usually been abusing alcohol or drugs for some time and often find themselves in an environment that offers a “cliffside” experience to those recovering from addiction. Many addicts report an out of body experience when leaving their facility that cannot be described by words. The drugs and alcohol have literally become part of their lives and sometimes even become an obsession. These individuals are usually ready to make life changes and are looking to move forward in a positive manner.

Luxury Rehab

Cons While the cliffside experience is undeniable when it comes to luxury rehab facilities many insurance companies actually provide a discount if the treatment option is offered at the facility. In addition, many insurance companies will not cover the costs of a high end, luxury rehab. Some rehabilitation centers put you on the beach, some put you in the mountains in a cabin.

Unfortunately this often does not mean that the individual will have immediate recovery since many addicts often take several months or even a year to completely leave their addiction and start a new life in a clean environment. This may not matter to some insurance companies since they do offer coverage for individuals who were catastrophically injured in a car accident or a freak accident at home. Be sure to discuss your recovery plans with your insurer before treatment so that you can be assured you will be covered.