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Affordable Health Insurance

Are you looking for an affordable health insurance plan that is right for you and your family, and one that you can actually afford?

Here at you will find valuable information that will enable you to:
  • learn about the various health insurance options available to you depending on your employment situation, or stage in life
  • find an affordable health insurance plan that fits your budget
  • save time, effort and money, and
  • gain peace of mind knowing that you have made the right health care choices.

We invite you to use this guide to affordable health insurance as a starting point towards securing the best health insurance for you, your family and your that fits your needs and budget.

Know Your Health Insurance Options

Affordable Maternity Insurance
Know what you can do to get maternity health insurance, and how to save on maternity costs.

Maternity Health Insurance if you are already pregnant, and unemployed - Find out how you can get health care coverage. Know where to get help if you can not get insured.

Affordable self-employed health surance
Protect yourself, your family and your finances. Learn where to get and how to save on self-employed health insurance.

Affordable Health Insurance for the Unemployed or Recently Laid Off
Know your rights and protection. Find affordable, low-cost, even no cost individual and family health insurance if you are unemployed.

Affordable small business health insurance
Do you own a small business with 2-50 employees? Get tips on getting affordable small business health insurance. Save on health care costs and taxes.

Affordable Health Insurance for the Working but Uninsured
Know where you can get supplemental insurance or affordable individual health insurance. Find out what you can do to defray high medical expenses, and where to get financial assistance.

Affordable Senior Health Insurance
This simple guide provides you with valuable information and resources to help you find affordable senior health care that fits your or your loved ones' medical needs.

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Pregnant No Insurance - Get maternity coverage even if you're pregnant with no insurance. Check out the various maternity insurance resources available to you for a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery.

AZ - Affordable, Low Cost or free Arizona Maternity Healthcare - Find valuable resources to help you get maternity coverage, even if you're already pregnant.

WI - Affordable, Low Cost or free Maternity Insurance in Wisconsin - Find valuable resources to help you get maternity coverage, even if you're already pregnant. Learn about BadgerCarePlus, Wisconsin Medicaid and more.

Low Cost Maternity Insurance in California
If you can't get maternity coverage through Medi-Cal, Medicare or private insurance, take a look at some resources here.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan - Medicare Prescription Drug benefit helps seniors pay of higher costs of medicine and unexpected drug expenses.

International Health Insurance - For expats living, working or traveling abroad.

Texas Health Insurance - Texas Health Insurance Guide offers resources to enable you to find affordable, low cost and free health insurance in Texas.

Arizona Health Insurance - Arizona Health Insurance Plan Online Guide provides resources for finding affordable, cheap and free Arizona health insurance plan.

FL - Affordable Florida Health Insurance - Get affordable or low cost Florida health insurance. Find Florida maternity insurance. Learn about Florida Medicaid, Florida KidCare and more.

NY - New York State Health Health Insurance - New York State Health Insurance Guide offers resources to enable you to find affordable, low cost and free health insurance coverage if you are a resident of New York.

Maternity Health Insurance in Texas - If you are a resident of Texas, check out these resources to find low cost or no cost maternity health insurance available in your community.

WI - Affordable Wisconsin Health Insurance - Find affordable health insurance in Wisconsin. Know where to get low-cost or even free health care coverage if you can not get insured.

Discount Dental Plans - Discount dental plans help you maximize savings on your dental care needs. Learn about discount dental plans and where to find one.

Dental Insurance - Get free dental insurance quotes, compare different dental plans and find the one that best fits your needs.

Free Health Insurance Quotes - Get free health insurance quotes from reputable online companies. Compare health insurance plans from different health insurance providers and find the one that's right for you.

Individual and Family Health Insurance - Find out what individual and family health insurance plan best fits your needs and where to get affordable health insurance quotes.

Group Health Insurance Instant Quotes - Get group health insurance instant quotes from leading health insurance companies nationwide.

Temporary Health Insurance - Temporary health insurance provides an affordable health insurance option if you are recently laid off, seasonally employed, or waiting for your employer sponsore coverage. Learn about short term health insurance and where to get free quotes.

Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses - Learn what Group Health Insurance can do for your business. Find out where to get the best small business group health insurance quotes.

Health Savings Account (HSA) - Take control of your health care costs and save on medical expenses with a Health Saving Account. Also learn about HSA Contributions and qualified expenses.

Health Insurance CA Guide - Provides resources to help you find affordable or low cost health insurance in California.

Guide to Long-Term Care Provides you valuable tips for planning long-term care. Including:

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Buying Individual Health Insurance
For less than the cost of a latte a day, most of the 10 million young uninsured can buy individual health insurance.

10 Tips to Save on Health Insurance
Want to save on healthcare insurance? Here are 10 tips to help you substantially cut your healthcare insurance premiums.

Health Insurance Cost-Saving Tips for the Self-Employed Entrepreneur
Find 20 more different ways to save on your health care costs.

Health Savings Account - Useful for Women During Childbearing Years?
Find out how health savings account can help you save on maternity costs. You need to also consider getting a maternity rider when you are planning a family, before you even become pregnant.

Avoid Health Insurance Scams
Find tips on how to protect yourself from fraudulent health insurance providers.

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