Get one before you become pregnant

Yes, the best time to get maternity insurance is before you become pregnant.

Since health insurance is meant to cover the financial costs or losses associated with future unknowns or possibilities, it is almost impossible to find an insurer who will cover you if you are already pregnant.

In addition, the premiums of health insurance plan that provides maternity coverage when you’re already pregnant can be extremely high.

And keep in mind that not all employers offer group health insurance plans to their employees.

So if you’re planning to be pregnant, please be sure to take the necessary steps right now to ensure that you have maternity insurance and are adequately ready for the ‘big event.’

Here’s what you can do:

    1. Check if your or your spouse’s group health insurance plan includes maternity coverage. Most group health insurance (through employers, trade associations, churches, chambers of commerce) covers maternity benefits. If your plan includes maternity insurance, then you’re in excellent shape.
    2. If your or your spouse’s group health insurance does not cover maternity expenses, then consider getting a maternity rider. A maternity rider is a supplement to a health insurance policy that outlines additional benefits. A maternity rider will cover the expenses related to a routine childbirth. Note that complications of pregnancy will normally be covered like any other illness, regardless of whether or not you have maternity health insurance. Keep in mind that you must get the maternity rider when you sign up for the health insurance plan.
    3. If you don’t have any health insurance at all, now is the time to get one. Choose your plan wisely. Not every individual health insurance covers maternity expenses. So plan to get a maternity rider. If it does include maternity coverage, it may require a waiting period from 3 to 12 months before conception. Review and compare plans carefully to find the one that truly best fits your needs.